Chapter 1: The Transfer Test Survival guide

Chapter 1

The Silver Bullet

“In folklore, the silver bullet is the only kind of bullet used to kill a werewolf or monster.”

If only!!
There are a number of myths that float around about tests. Just like the Loch Ness monster that’s all that they are, and until I see a giant reptile crawling out of that lake in Scotland, my opinions on myths will remain the same.
The silver bullet myth is based on the idea that there is some magical shortcut to success in the transfer test or any other test for that matter.
If I knew that one existed and even if I had to use Indiana Jones to find it I would do that to save you all the hassle. Unfortunately Indiana is still in South America, looking for the “arc of the transfer.” If he calls all work can cease, and we can put our feet up. Until then we have to face facts.


1. Preparation for the transfer test takes effort and persistence.

2. There is no way around learning basic facts.

3. You must be able to use the four number operations.

4. You must know your times tables back to front, front to back, side to side, up side down……………

5. You HAVE to read a selection of texts that challenge you as a reader.

If you agree with all of these facts sign below.

I…………………. agree that the transfer tutor is right about the facts above and generally everything else as well.

Right it’s down to hard work. Now it’s over to the timetable to see where to begin.

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