15 ways to save money with printing

15 ways to save money on printing

1. Use draft mode as your default setting

Print quality is reduced, but this really doesn’t matter for most documents we print. Draft mode saves you money and time, as pages are printed more quickly.

2. Print in black and white

Colour cartridges are far pricier than black ones so switch to greyscale whenever you can.

3. Buy a cheap laser printer

If you print lots of text then a laser printer will be cheaper for you than an inkjet. Forget about the initial outlay, it’s the cost per printed sheet which counts!

4. Choose “compatible” or “remanufactured” cartridges:

The big names in printing charge a premium for their ink. Go for third party, “budget brands” – very few people can tell the difference.

5. Don’t waste ink on web backgrounds

Adjust your browser settings so you only print what you really need when you’re on the net.

6. Be printer-friendly

You’ll find stripped down, printer-friendly versions of most major websites. If all else fails, use www.printwhatyoulike.com to specify exactly what you’d like to print from a page.

7. Use duplex printing

Make the most of your printer’s ability to print double-sided documents. You’ll save plenty of paper this way.

8. Print multiple pages per sheet

If you really want to maximise savings, try printing more than one page on each piece of paper. Any more than two pages per A4 sheet though and you might have to get the magnifying glass out!

9. Change your font

Switching fonts can have a dramatic impact on your ink consumption. Century Gothic uses far less ink than Times New Roman and Arial. Decreasing your font size helps too!

10. Keep your printer cool

Ink evaporates like any liquid, so avoid leaving your printer in a hot spot and never unwrap a new ink cartridge until you’re ready to use it.

11. Print specific pages

It’s often unnecessary to print out an entire document. Specify which pages you actually need to save on consumables.

12. Always “print preview”

Clicking on “print preview” before each job makes unnecessary printed pages a thing of the past.

13. Keep your printer switched on

Turning on some printers can trigger cleaning of the printer heads, wasting valuable ink. You can’t keep your printer on forever, but avoid powering it on and off unnecessarily.

14. Drain your cartridges completely

When your printer tells you to change your cartridge – ignore it! You might be able to squeeze out at least another 10 printed sheets before running totally dry.

15. Cut and paste for the greatest savings

Cut text and images from different websites and documents, pasting them into Microsoft Word. Play about with your printable “collage” until it’s as short as possible, saving both paper and ink.

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