The Transfer Tutor in under 50 words !

The Transfer Tutor is the number one resource for parents and their children taking the transfer test in Northern Ireland.

I am with you every step of the way, providing learning resources, sharing exam techniques and tips, as well as offering brilliant revision advice.

Who am I?

The Transfer Tutor is the only site dedicated and designed to prepare you and your child for the transfer test. With the changes to the school curriculum it’s become more difficult for schools to prepare your child for tests that will give them access to their local grammar school.

This site is designed and managed by a teacher who has extensive experience in teaching the 11 plus. As a result thetransfertutor will enable you to access all the resources necessary to prepare for the “transfer test” whether that is by GL assessment or AQE. My aim is to provide high quality yet succinct resources that cover topics that will be required for the entrance tests this year.

How can I help you?

There are a multitude of resources online and in bookshops. The biggest problem is knowing where to start and which resources to use.

To address this I will set out a projected timetable that will give guidance as to how you should prepare your child for the tests in November.

The format can be summarised as the LAP approach:

Learn facts, figures and definitions.

Apply the skill out of context. This could be finding the area of a rectangle. Check the skill is “caught”!

Practise the skill in an exam question.

Finally you can then look at putting it all together in an exam situation. I have found this approach to be the most effective method of improving exam performance in the context of the 11 plus.

What our members are saying

“The site is easy to use and child friendly. My daughter is able to use it independently and together we can track her progress.” Banbridge user

“thetransfertutor has really given us direction in preparing for the tests. The timetable has helped us to get into a weekly routine of completing transfer work” Dungannon user

“Great value for money for the amount of resources that are offered. I will use it again.” Newry user

“The quality of resources are of high standard and are very useful in helping us to prepare for the test.” Omagh user

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Only 30 pounds

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