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With the spring term of school upon us, many parents of P6 pupils will be thinking about the their child sitting the transfer tests in November and December.

The TTT is a web based tutoring service that provides practice in the key skills that are required for the AQE and PPTC transfer tests. If your child is sitting the tests in November/December by joining the TTT programme, you can help give them confidence in their ability to succeed.

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The Transfer Tutor

How TTT programme helps you

The changes that have been made to the school curriculum make it very difficult for teachers to prepare your child for the transfer/entrance tests. will help by providing resources, advice, exam techniques and assessments to give your child the best possible chance to succeed in the test.

I will set out a projected timetable that will give guidance as to how you should prepare your child for the tests in November. My approach can be simplified as LAP: Learn, Apply and Practice.

I have found this approach to be the most effective method of improving exam performance when preparing for the 11 plus.

The Transfer Tutor is the only site dedicated and designed to prepare you and your child for the transfer test.

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For the price of a single private tuition lesson you'll have access until end of December 2020.

You can purchase the Online Tests add-on for an additional £10.99